leadership teams


The Leadership Council is the governing authority of our church family given the task of discerning the Lord’s leading regarding the direction of South Albany Community Church. These individuals, directed by the Holy Spirit, serve to discern and advance God’s agenda for our church.

Leadership Council Chair- Jim Saemenes

John Bradner - Pastor Parish

Jon Killinger - Business

John Kollaer - Communications

Aaron Wilkinson - Missional Pathways

Percy McKnight - Prayer

Patti McKnight - Children

Connie Nelson - Local Council Reps.

Emily Palmer - Secretary

Bryce Phelan - Worship

Rusty Stevens - Youth

Curt Stutzman - Men

Karla Parish - Treasurer

Michelle Hawkins - Women


This team acts as a liaison between the staff and the congregation or between staff members. They provide a support system for the staff and see that the staff are adequately compensated for their labor.

Pastor-Parish Chair - John Bradner

Pastor Jim Saemenes

Kathleen Kerkhoff

Connie Nelson

Josh Pierce

Dean Roberts

Luanne Starr


They handle Property concerns, building upkeep, maintenance and legal issues. 

Trustees Chair - Jeff Hawkins

Staff Liaison - Jon Killinger

Pastor Jim Saemenes

Dan Jones

Jamie Smith                                     

Curt Stutzman

Keith Wardlaw


This team is made up of a committee of volunteers that make financial decisions with the help of the staff Financial Manager. They prayerfully seek God's will in how best to utilize the funds that come from the weekly offering. They provide checks and balances to ensure the integrity of the church and the wise stewardship of the resources with which they are entrusted. 

Finance Manager- Jon Killinger

Church Treasurer - Karla Parish

Pastor Jim Saemenes

Carol Jo Hahn

Jon Killinger

Alan King

Diane Tillotson