Sparkle box

Give a gift to Jesus on Christmas morning.

what is a sparkle box?

As we celebrate Jesus over the next few Sundays, we will spend part of each service anticipating the birth of Jesus through Advent. Continue building this sense of worshipful anticipation all month long - we offer you an idea that just may become a new Christmas Tradition for your family!

All you have to do is leave a little sparkle wherever you go! Each day between now and Christmas, do something nice for someone that you wouldn’t normally do, sometimes referred to as a “Random Act of Kindness”, or, “Leaving a Little Sparkle.” Things like opening the door for a stranger, letting someone go ahead of you in line, smiling at a person you pass on the sidewalk - are all ways we show Jesus’ love throughout our days!

Your entire family will enjoy filling out the sparkle cards and placing them inside Jesus’ box each evening. Then, on Jesus’ birthday, Christmas morning, before you open any other presents, present the gift you have for Jesus, filled with things that will honor Him and bring Him joy. Open the Sparkle Box and read out loud the various ways you left a sparkle of Jesus’ love wherever you went in December.

It’s not about earning love, it’s about expressing pure worship for Him. Something will change in your heart as, all month long, you prepare to lift up your gift to Jesus on Christmas morning for no other reason than to express your love for Him.

So get a Sparkle Box - grab the set of instructions/idea page and sparkle cards, and begin to leave a little sparkle where you go this Christmas season! Sparkle boxes are available at the church.

For a Bit of Church Family Fun:

Enter the Coloring Contest! Pick up the coloring page from the church or download it here. Return it to SACC by Friday, December 14th. Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 16th. Each winner will receive a copy of the book, The Sparkle Box. One winner will be chosen from each of SACC’s Age Group Categories, from ages 2’s & 3’s to SACC Seniors!