we need to talk

The church at large has been silent on issues that we need to talk about.  Christians aren’t known for listening.  Although the church is first and foremost united by Christ, unfortunately, we frequently let ourselves be united instead by policy, politics or opinions. Instead, we could be taking a step back to ask, “What does Jesus say about this?” 


We need to learn to converse and to love each other through listening.  We need to learn to talk and listen amongst disagreement.  We Need to Talk is a space where those in the church, as well as those outside the church, can listen, disagree, learn, be heard, and have a healthy, loving environment to talk about real things. 


We Need to Talk is an opportunity to do just that.  A chance to listen, talk, listen some more, then share a meal together, reminding each other that we are part of one body.


We Need to Talk - the last Sunday of each month

5 – 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall